Best Pre-Owned Samsung Tablets

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Best Pre-Owned Samsung Tablets

Samsung’s Galaxy-Series tablets are by far the most popular tablets one can buy on the current market. As a face-to-face competitor to Apple’s iPad, with lower costs and greater variety, this Android-powered brand is highly popular and desirable. Due to the quality and top of the line software and hardware used in a Samsung Galaxy, this manufacturer is the best you can own.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7, inch (16 GB),477847-samsung-galaxy-tab-s2-9-7-1

Can go for as low as $170 in excellent condition on This is a desirable model and can be found for incredible prices online.

Prices on Amazon can vary according to the different Galaxy models: for example, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 16 GB (Dual Core, Universal Remote, Wi-Fi) can be found for $85, while a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 inch, Wi-Fi) 2012 model can go for around $340 in new condition by Samsung itself via Amazon. In used condition the Tab 2 can be around $100.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, a 9.7 inch,samsung-tab-s2-1

Slim tablet, is an excellent buy—originally retailing at around $600, this tablet is thin, at only 0.22 inches thick, has 32GB of storage, an AMOLED display, and the capability to split the screen up to five applications at once, for multitasking. Used, you can find this Galaxy Tab S2 from $368, factory sealed by some sellers on Amazon!

On Overstock, you can currently get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8GB) 7 inches, for $140.

The point is, before you buy new, think about your budget, your intended usage, and the fact that you can save hundreds of dollars by simply doing a little extra searching online for the best price.

As you can see, the range of deals for different models in different conditions vary greatly, so it is important to visit at least three (preferably more) websites when you find a model you like, and price-match it by opening a browser tab for each website. Google’s “shopping” tab on the search engine is an excellent way to price-match a product against different online retailers and local sellers.



There are an amazing variety of Samsung tablets that can be found pre-owned online; and some that are new in the box, but are being sold at a discount because an individual is selling it. There are plenty of reputable websites, from Amazon, Walmart, Swappa, and Newegg that buy used tablets and sell them at a great discount.

There are many affordable options when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned/used Samsung tablet. Used tablets simply need to be reset to factory settings to wipe all information from the device, and most will work like new if the tablet has no outer damage. This is an excellent investment for those who want to use a tablet sparingly and do not wish to pay hundreds of dollars for a new one.

These Samsung tablets are the best pre-owned tablets to buy due to their quality and longevity; so, get looking online and find the best savings you can before they’re gone. There are an incredible amount of websites you can buy used tablets from, so you do not have to risk buying from an unknown individual—plenty of reputable sites will make you feel comfortable with your purpose. .

The most important advice for those seeking a used tablet is to do your homework, find out which Samsung models have the best current reviews in used condition, and which screen size you want, what functions you want it for (streaming movies or simply going on social media).

Then, do your due diligence and price-match the model, size, or brand of tablet you have in mind, across different websites such as Amazon, Overstock, Swappa, Newegg, Walmart, etc…. Also, see which websites offer free shipping or less costly shipping—this too, will help keep costs down.

It is then that you can snatch a great deal for a product that works like new for a fraction of the price—and that is something your bank account will thank you for.

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