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Gaming laptops don’t have to be brand new to give you the best gameplay available. Oftentimes, gamers sell their relatively new and state of the art gear not long after buying it, only to upgrade. This means that pre-owned gaming laptops will often still have the exact same strength, speed, graphics processing, and sheer gaming power that a new gaming laptop has.

Below are some of the best used gaming laptops you can buy. This list is gathered due to each brand and model’s durability and functionality that is found to persist with the test of time.

Asus ROG G750file-644904d5b64c5c3111

The Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) G750 model is a 17.3 inch, Intel Core i7, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB HDD, with Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M with Windows 8.1 coming standard with free upgrade to Windows 10.

This model was chosen because Asus is a brand that is well-known for their top-of-the-line gaming laptops that gamers lust after. Their durability and power do not easily fall into neglect—these gaming laptops by Asus retain their power and speed remarkably, even when pre-owned.

The Asus ROG G750, 17.3 inch gaming laptop is an excellent pick that can be purchased used for half the price of the original. Newegg Business is selling this model for an incredible $849.00, which saves you $1,150 for this 4K laptop. This is an incredible deal, and what makes it better is that it is refurbished (Asus Recertified), meaning, it has been cleaned, repaired of any software or hardware issues, and is used but in nearly new condition as determined by Asus standards.

This model has everything a new G750 would have, including the specifications above. This is a great deal for a gamer who simply does not have the money to spend on a multi-thousand dollar laptop, as well as those who wish to try out another brand or model of gaming gear before committing to buying a brand new gaming laptop. Either way, the investment is sound and is guaranteed to entertain.

Alienware 14maxresdefault

Alienware’s 14 inch gaming laptop can be purchased for around the same price as the Asus’s ROG above, at around $850 used. With an Intel i7 processor, 2.4 GHz, the Alienware 14 is an excellent quad core gaming laptop that has 16 GB RAM and 750 GB HD Nvidia graphics.

Other sellers are offering this model for $800 on EBay, trying to sell their used gaming laptop by undermining the competition. This competition between sellers is great for consumers like you, who wish to buy a pre-owned gaming laptop that is in excellent condition.


Alienware M17X R3alienm17xr3_9523_g4

This competition is seen best in the Alienware M17X R3 17.3 inch gaming laptop. This gaming laptop has a much larger screen, contains an Intel i7 processor with 8GB Ram, SSD 750GB, HD/Radeon 6870 graphics card. This model is being sold used between $800 and $850 on EBay. Clearly, with different software and hardware (such as graphics card), comes different prices, as well as physical attributes such as screen size.  However, if you snag a great gaming laptop such as this for an excellent price, you can upgrade certain aspects of the computer such as the graphics card, and still beat the price of a new gaming laptop by half.

This is perfect for those who are entering another level of serious gaming and want to try out the best brands and models to test out its power before committing to a brand or model for a new purchase later on.


MSI GP60 2PE LeopardMSI_GT60_2PC_626UK_Dominator_9S7-16F442-626_Laptop_1_medium

This 15.6 inch, i7 processor, 2.5GHz is another excellent example of finding an incredible bargain for a pre-owned, serious gaming laptop. The GP60 has 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD and an excellent graphics card in the GeForce 840M that is included in this product.

This gaming laptop is only selling for approximately $600 used. With a retail value twice that, a lightly used MSI such as this, with a great graphics card and high quality processor, is quite the steal. As mentioned before, buying a gaming laptop at a great price can leave room for upgrades that still beat out any price other new gaming laptops of even the cheapest quality can touch. This is a win for any gamer.



What is most important when searching for a used or pre-owned laptop is narrowing down a brand you like or would like to try, making sure you know all of the specifications before buying (especially when dealing with individual sellers), and price-matching the same brand and model of laptop with others on different websites such as Amazon, EBay, Newegg, and other well-known sites.

Some advice for used laptop seekers looking for a great gaming setup: If you care more about what the gaming laptop has on the inside rather than the outside (such as better graphics cards, better processing speed, and better RAM and SSD, then seeking out a non-flashy gaming laptop can be a better deal, as they tend to run cheaper. Brands that are flashy such as Alienware and the Asus ROG series can run more expensive despite having equal or lesser hardware, simply because they “look” like a gaming laptop, more than others, such as the plain-but-top of the line MSI GP60 2PE, which runs at least $200 cheaper while containing superior hardware and gaming power.

Keeping all of this in mind: make sure to price-match, buy from a trustworthy source, and be sure you know whether the laptop has been professionally refurbished to the manufacturer’s standards, whether it is simply used and being sold by an individual, or if it is pre-owned and only lightly used. These questions can determine the kind of condition that the gaming laptop is likely to be in, and the more trustworthy the source, the best gear you will get for your money.



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