Best Used Gaming Laptops

Posted On Mar 24 2016 by

Introduction Gaming laptops don’t have to be brand new to give you the best gameplay available. Oftentimes, gamers sell their relatively new and state of the art gear not long after buying it, only to upgrade. This means that pre-owned gaming laptops will often still have the exact same strength, speed, graphics processing, and sheer gaming power that a new gaming laptop has. Below are some of the best used gaming laptops you can buy. This list is gathered due to each brand and model’s durability and functionality that is found to persist with the test of time. Asus ROG …

Best Used Office Laptops

Posted On Mar 6 2016 by

Best Used Office Laptops Introduction When it comes to office laptops, consumers are looking for three main things: portability/mobility, superior battery life, and high processing speed and hardware to allow for medium to heavy multi-tasking use. You can receive all of these things and more, even when buying a used office laptop. Used laptops are not sold because they no longer work—they are sold because the owner upgraded or received another as a gift or replacement by their employer. For trustworthy websites and others that sell used office laptops, the laptops themselves are looked over, checked thoroughly; many are refurbished …