1. does your site from yahoo is lottery?

    Answer by TommyApache
    Its a Scam

  2. they send me e-mail that i win from yahoo/msm lottery 500.000 GBP and they want to pay 700GBP to send me the check. is true?

    Answer by P.L. Y
    phony as I got one two and just tore it up

  3. INTERESTING points i can talk about for 3 minutes :)
    3 or 4 ish?

    and not what I would do if I won the lottery… thankyou.
    Thats all. 😀

    Answer by maltese_1992
    – You need to pay money for the lottery
    – They draw the lottery by random
    – You hope luck will win you money
    – sometimes it doesnt, sometimes it does
    – Some lottery schemes are scams
    – Lottery is like gambling
    – Cant buy too much lottery, its bad for you because you lose money
    – Keep it to yourself or people will talk you out of it or ask you to share the money with them
    – Lottery can also be called “Lotto”

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    – Lottery rhymes with “Pottery”

    Haha This has got to be my worst answer ever on yahoo answers. Cant blame me because your question doesnt have details on what kind of speech on lottery! Whether its the history, how many people buy the lottery, or whatever, you didnt say, but instead its just “Speech on lottery” Oh, there, I just gave extra points on what you could talk about.
    History of lottery, when it began, how it created, how many people buy lottery, etc.
    Or maybe they want you to say what you think of lottery?
    I dont know what youre aiming for here?
    So go do some other research, girl!
    Go on wikipedia or something!

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